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Teen Tech Awards

The polls are in and we have our winners! The raffle winners will be contacted today and will have 2 weeks to pick up their prizes from the library or new names will be drawn. The raffle winners of this year’s Teen Tech Awards are:

Michelle G. from Old Quarry Middle School, Emily O. from Lemont High School, and Angela S. from Lemont High School

Most Voted For

Artist: The Imagine Dragons

Video Game: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Audiobook: Scones and Bones by Laura Child

Movie: Thor 2 & The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

TV Show: Dance Moms

Music Video: N/A (no answers were the same)

QR Code Scavenger Hunt

QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode) first designed for the automotive industry in Japan. QR Codes can hold links to websites, events to add to personal calendars, phone numbers, email address links, and geolocations, and text (plus many many more uses!)

Stop by anytime between now and Friday at closing to turn in your scavenger hunt answers! The QR Codes are up for the hunt around the library! Don’t have a phone that can read QR Codes? That’s fine, I have adapted the hunt so that everyone can participate! Just see the table set up by the entrance to to the library for an answer sheet and instructions.

QR 1

The first clue is “Patience you must have young Padawan. Out of folded paper am I made. May the books be with you!”

Teen Tech Awards

Don’t forget to cast your ballot for the Teen Tech Awards! We have some cool technological prizes to raffle off to participants. If you lost your ballot entry or can’t come to library  see below for a copy to print off. Just make sure to turn it in by 5pm on Friday, March 14. Check out the other awesome Teen Tech Week Programs we will be having in the library:

Sunday, March 9 – QR Code Scavenger Hunt, 1-5 pm

Come and celebrate Teen Tech Week by participating in our first ever QR Code Hunt! Team up in groups of 2 or by yourself. A prize and an extra entry for the Teen Tech Awards raffle will be awarded upon completion of the scavenger hunt. Must bring a smart phone or other device capable of reading a QR code to participate.

Wednesday, March 12 – DIY @ the Library, 5:30–6:30 pm

Come to the library and celebrate Teen Tech Week 2014! This year’s theme is DIY. We will be making jewelry, key chains, and art from smashed computer parts. Make sure to bring your imagination!

Thursday, March 13 – Lights, Cameras, Books!, 4:30–6:30 pm

Come to the library to create book trailers in recognition of Teen Tech Week! Make sure to bring plenty of ideas. The book trailers will be showcased at the Teen Tech Awards party.

Saturday, March 15 – Teen Tech Awards Party, 2:30 – 4 pm

Winners of the LPL first annual Teen Tech Awards will be announced and winners will be chosen for the lottery.  Book trailers that were made at our Lights, Cameras, Books! program will be showcased.

Tech Week Ballot

New Teen Kindle Titles

Check out these New Titles that have been added to our Teen Kindles! Stop by the library today and ask to check out a Teen kindle and get access to literally hundreds of great books. I bet it has that book you want but always seems to be checked out . . . Click here or visit our Teen Kindle page a comprehensive list of every title we have!

Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

broken heartCome out to the library tomorrow evening for our Anti-Valentine’s Day Party! We will have snacks, drinks, and an action movie. We will be watching the Avengers (chosen by popular demand) and making Ant-Valentine’s Day conversation hearts for the Teen Section of the library. You can also take your decorations home to give to you Anti-Valentine. People in happy relationships are welcome so long as you don’t gloat.